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Le podcast vidéo

Videocast: A New Trend in Digital Communication

A new format of communication has emerged strongly in recent years: the Videocast. This involves being able to listen to podcasts and also to watch them. Video podcasts today garner

The Advantages of Motion Design for Your Corporate Communication

Motion design offers numerous benefits for your company’s communication. It’s a creative, impactful, and easily adaptable format for social networks. Regardless of your industry, motion design is an effective tool
Trois femmes et deux hommes en plein tournage

Key Steps in Video Production, from Concept to Realization

Are you looking to create a video project or entrust its production to a video agency, and want to understand the audiovisual production process? You are in the right place.
Photo article 5 bonnes raisons d'intégrer des vidéos à vos formations d'entreprise

5 Key Reasons to Incorporate Videos into Your Corporate Training Programs

In an ever-changing landscape, training is a strategic issue for businesses. To remain competitive and support their growth, more and more companies are investing in quality training offerings. The effectiveness

Our tips for successful on-camera speaking

Interviews are an essential part of digital communications, whether internal or external. However, speaking on camera is a difficult exercise. If you’re aware that the interview is an essential tool