In an ever-changing landscape, training is a strategic issue for businesses. To remain competitive and support their growth, more and more companies are investing in quality training offerings. The effectiveness of training is primarily measured by the rate of information retained by learners, necessitating dynamic learning content. To maintain a high level of attention throughout a training program, it’s crucial to use various learning aids. Among these, video remains one of the most advantageous learning tools. Without further ado, here are five compelling reasons to integrate videos into your corporate training programs:


1.    Maintaining High Attention Levels Throughout Your Corporate

Training This is the first and most obvious reason, but how does it work? Our brain is extremely sensitive to sensory stimuli, which is why we pay more attention when watching a video. With its auditory and visual stimuli, video acts as a stimulant for our brain. Spreading videos at regular intervals during a training session helps to awaken learners’ attention and prevent the dreaded drop-off effect. Video aids are also useful in focusing learners’ attention on the key points of your training.


2.     Facilitating Memorization

If sensory stimuli from a video more easily capture our attention, they also maximize memorization. In our brain, integrating information into memory involves activating the cerebral cortex. Sensory stimuli are what activate this part of our brain. Video, stimulating both our auditory and visual channels, thus facilitates the integration of learning content and promotes storage in memory. But that’s not all!


3.    Easing the Assimilation of Complex Concepts

Video also contributes to the assimilation of complex concepts, particularly through 2D and 3D animation. 2D and 3D animation can depict sophisticated mechanisms through moving visuals (diagrams, graphs, etc.). This process encourages the creation of mental or cognitive representations, making complex concepts easier to understand and integrate into long-term memory.


4.    Standardizing the Content of Your Corporate Training

Standardizing learning content can be very beneficial for a company. By basing your corporate training on standardized video supports, you can:

  • Develop sales pitches for your salespeople through product presentation videos.
  • Train your teams on a new tool (IT, mechanical, etc.) with tutorial videos.
  • Provide legal reminders to your employees (regarding compliance, for example).
  • Transmit best practices to your employees (teamwork, management, etc.).
  • Raise awareness among your teams about fighting discriminatory behavior at work.


5.    Complementing Theory with Practical Insights

Training videos also allow you to supplement theoretical content with field testimonials. For instance, in training about compliance in a company, theory and practice go hand in hand. While it’s essential to remind employees of the compliance rules to follow, it’s equally useful to explain how to apply these rules in the field, as this differs depending on the profession. Field testimonial videos are therefore particularly valuable in this type of training.

Diversifying the content of your corporate training by integrating video supports offers your employees quality training. Stimulating attention and memory, standardizing content, and on-the-ground training – training videos provide new perspectives to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving context. And to ensure your employees don’t lose the benefits of your corporate training over time, you can also create a toolbox where they can find each training video produced, to revisit at their leisure!


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