Motion design offers numerous benefits for your company’s communication. It’s a creative, impactful, and easily adaptable format for social networks. Regardless of your industry, motion design is an effective tool for enhancing your branding strategy.

What is Motion Design? Motion design is an animation technique that brings graphic elements to life, such as shapes, words, or even characters.


In a motion design video, you might find:

  • Wording
  • Infographics
  • 2D graphic elements
  • 3D graphic elements

This animation technique allows you to strengthen your brand’s visual identity by creating videos based on your graphic charter.


Motion Design for Your Brand’s Storytelling

Motion design is an animation technique that allows you to do almost anything. The possibilities are endless, as showcased in this video by Spline. The release of their 3D modeling and animation software is an opportunity for the brand to share its story and build its brand storytelling. The choice of format itself conveys a core value of its identity: creativity. The message: Spline makes 3D art accessible, facilitates your creative process, and unleashes your creativity.


Motion Design for Presenting Your New Products

Motion design enables you to create impactful and modern product launch videos. It gives a high-quality image to your product. This format allows you to effectively explain to your buyers how to use your products. Microsoft understands this well with their video showcasing the new features of Microsoft 365.

The goal of this video for Microsoft is twofold. Firstly, it helps guide buyers in using their product. Secondly, it reassures prospects about the software’s ease of use. To achieve this, Microsoft communicates one of their key brand values: fluidity. This value is conveyed in the video through the smooth movement between graphic elements, creating a sense of comfort.


Motion Design for Your Awareness Campaigns

Motion design is an excellent medium for conveying emotions, and emotions are what make an awareness campaign successful. Android has grasped this principle well. In their new docu-series, Android proposes making the impossible possible. The first episode is dedicated to the journey of Anthony Rumolo, a deaf ice hockey player. He testifies to the positive impact of instant transcription, a new feature from Android.


Through this well-crafted docu-series, Android advocates the idea of technology serving humanity. The brand showcases the opportunities created by its devices within the deaf community. Android successfully delivers an emotion-rich awareness campaign.


Motion Design to Communicate Your CSR Commitments

Motion design makes it easier to assimilate complex information. It’s an excellent format for communicating a CSR strategy, which often involves multiple interconnected aspects.

It’s no surprise that Apple chose this format to present its plan to the public for achieving carbon neutrality across all its products by 2030. In this minimalist graphic video, wording and infographics are omnipresent. These elements help convey a complex set of information to a broad audience, making it more digestible.

This format is thus very useful for communicating to a wide audience, but it also works well for internal distribution!

Whether it’s for reinforcing your brand’s storytelling, introducing a new product, launching an awareness campaign, or communicating your CSR strategies for the coming years, motion design is your best ally!